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Seeking Christians Interested in Building Communities for Outreach

Our goals: 1) Glorify God the Father (Isaiah 43:7) by becoming like His son Jesus (Rom 8:29, 2 Cor 3:18), 2) Help “one another” become like Jesus by living in close proximity to share time, space, resources, and accountability (Heb 10:24), 3) Let our love and good works witness to our neighbors (John 13:35, Matt 5:16).  For more details see the summary Why Live in Christian Community.

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Monthly Roundtable Discussion on Living in Spiritual Extended Families (Christian Community)

Signs of Life (722 Mass.) Conference Room

We have been discussing the book When the Church was a Family by Joseph H. Hellerman.

We have also been discussing the book Behold the Lamb! (The Story of the Moravian Church) by Peter Hoover. Especially read about their community life in chapters 9 - 17.

Please come share your thoughts and tell us about your community experiences!

Eight past meetings (in 2012) - March 23, April 20, May 18, June 22, July 20, Aug. 17, Sept. 21, Oct. 19

New! Revival has been happening in Indiana, Florida, and Ohio for three years!

Christian Communal Fellowship Meeting was held on August 22-25 2013 at Auspitz (Hustopeče) in southern Moravia, Czech Republic where three (Anabaptist, Hutterite) communities took shape in the 1530s.

The BBC aired a nice one hour show in March 2013 about the Hutterites.  You might be able to search the Internet and find a way to watch the show.  Here are some nice photos by a fellow from the BBC show.  Compared to the colony in the video, Elmendorf (see links below) eats their meals together as families and seems much more happy in many ways.

We had some discussion of the community aspects of the 28 Feb. 2012 two hour PBS documentary "The Amish": www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/amish/
Note: The entire show is now available for online viewing!

We then contrasted the Amish with the Hutterites who live with the latest technology but with similar community goals: www.Hutterites.org

For one such example, the Amish limit their access to automobiles to help keep their communities together.  While the Hutterites have nice automobiles, they have "extended family household rules" that accomplish the same goals as the Amish.

"The Amish" documentary includes coverage of the Amish school shooting in 2006.  A "Forgiveness Seminar" related to the shooting was held in 2010 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The seminar ended up as a 1.5 hour dialog.  An audio recording is available (privately) to those who request it. We hope to have a transcription available soon. April 2010 Forgiveness Seminar Flyer

The BBC released a nice one hour documentary "A Secret Life" about an Amish family back in August 2012.  You can find more information and comments here.  I hope to add some of my own comments on several issues (baptism, breaking the ordnung) here soon.

I would like to have a nice loving relationship with Amish (I've been able to do that some (Sept. 2013 through Oct. 2014, starting again in 2017) with the New Order Amish in Belle Center, Ohio).  An acquaintance (John Schmid) has a loving relationship as discussed in this article.

Please note: This web site currently consists of a few personal notes of Paul Breneman (written in the first-person) but more importantly it contains links to other resources that I have found valuable.

Note: From July 2010 through December 2014 I lived near or in Lawrence, Kansas much of that time.  The rest of this paragraph was written during that time. The Lord has opened many "doors" in the past several years in Lawrence, Kansas where I attend Lawrence Bible Chapel.  There was an associated large campus ministry (community) back in the mid 70s (near KU) and some folks involved with that still have a lot of close community.  Every summer they have a 5-day "Bible Camp" for children from 8 am to 8 pm with 3 full meals.  So it is like the children are going away to camp except they go home every evening to sleep.  They also have a nice "Kid's Club" ministry every Thursday evening with many of the same children, many of which are from a working-class neighborhood (Overland Drive) right next to the church building.  The "doors" have opened for me to rent in that neighborhood.  I pray that we (and others) can serve each other and also the neighborhood.  I also attend Kidron Valley occasionally. I've also been very blessed in Lawrence to meet young people who have lived in Christian community during the past six years or who know people presently doing it.

Note: I did enjoy living in New Ulm, Minnesota the first half of 2015, and Columbus, Ohio the last half of 2015. In Columbus I lived here where for five years in the past I had an office in the underground mall right across the hall from a great Chinese restaurant. In Columbus I attended Indianola Church of Christ  and helped out with their Finals Dinners early in December when the fall semester of school was almost over.

I spent 2016 living in Lawrence, Kansas. Since early 2017 I've lived in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Starting in June 2017 I have an office here, across the hall from the kitchen.

The example of those who went before us

Read about the Moravians in this online book by Peter Hoover: Behold the Lamb! (The Story of the Moravian Church). Especially read about their community life in chapters 9 - 17.

Some Christian Communities

Marcon, France: Community of Courtiron Anabaptists (page down)
- I spent most of May 2009 at this community and you can read my diary about my visit. Note: My diary includes an invitation from the community with information on housing and jobs.  You might also want to read some of the community's blog:
- Also see this related page: Books Worth Reading

New! Hutterite Christian Communities

Minnesota, USA - Elmendorf Christian Community
- Part of my spiritual family and where I lived for seven months in 2003 and several months since then.
New! - Elmendorf has started a new community (named Grand River) that is near the town of Jamesport in northern Missouri, USA.  This is a two hour drive from Lawrence, Kansas where I live.

Minnesota, USA - Altona Hutterite Colony
- Part of my spiritual family and where I lived for several weeks in 2015.

Tasmania, Australia: Rocky Cape Christian Community

Lloydminster, SK, Canada: Fort Pitt Christian Community

New!  You can listen to various messages by men living at the above communities:
Peter Hoover (Rocky Cape): Behold the Lamb!
Dean Taylor (Altona): Debate on "It's Just War -- Should Christians Fight?"
Dean Taylor (Altona) and Reuben Walter (Fort Pitt): AIC 2012

Other resources and items of interest

Showing LOVE!

A great article by Charles Moore: Beyond Argument - The powerful witness of community
Another article by Charles Moore: Doing Life Together (also here)

Several good articles on Living in Christian Community

It has been exciting to read some of what a group of believers in Grand Rapids are experiencing since moving within 3 or 4 blocks of each other in the summer of 2005. To me this presents a good picture of a how a city community can interact amongst themselves and also with others in the neighborhood. Here are two exciting blog articles:
Seek First the Kingdom of God
Practical Daily Life in the Kingdom of God, PART 2

Why We Live in Community, a nice introductory article from Plough Publishing House.

Two ministries at Ohio State to check out: OSU House of Prayer & International Friendships

Fountain Creek, a vision for brethren living in community, by Michael Hari.

A summary of my vision of intentional Christian community (rural and city).

Seeking contact with others?

Where to Find Radical Christian Fellowship at Scroll Publishing

Some of my other web pages:
Spreading God's Word at various universities
Behold The Lamb! (The Story of the Moravian Church of the 1700s)
Encouraging Bluegrass Gospel Jam Sessions
Business: TurboControl Systems

Please contact me (community helper - not leader) if you know about other resources similar to those already on this page.

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